Attic Apartment

2 bedrooms, living room with kitchen and 2 bathrooms.

Deluxe Apartment

1 bedroom, living room with kitchen and 1 bathroom.

Suite Study

Loft room with kitchen and 1 bathroom (available with adaptations for accessibility).


With all the services of the Hotel Tres Reyes

Tres Reyes Apartments

Antique Pamplona Tres Reyes Apartments constitute the exciting new offer from the Hotel Tres Reyes, located down one of the most historical streets of the old part of Pamplona. Hotel Tres Reyes was founded in 1963, providing visitors to the Navarran capital with a high-quality hotel service, and putting the city on a par with the other major Spanish and European capitals.

With the aim of offering today’s travellers new ways of staying in the city, so they can blend right in with their surroundings, Hotel Tres Reyes is now opening these apartments, in one of the most charismatic parts of Historical Pamplona. The entire project has been undertaken with the same exacting quality standards that the Hotel Tres Reyes expects for its hotel services.


Located right where the city began


The history of Calle Dormitalería dates back to the origins of our city. In fact, during Roman times, this street conformed the docus, one of the two main axes that crossed Pamplona from north to south, and which along with the decumanus – corresponding to Calle Curia – constituted the birth of the city. Over time, Calle Dormitalería has retained its position as a privileged location. The 200 metres that it shares with one of the Cathedral façades, have linked it from its very beginnings to church life and to the main figureheads that participated in it. As such, in one of the neighbouring streets we can find the Archdeacon’s House, a sturdy 19th century building that holds the claim of being the oldest civilian dwelling in Pamplona. Next to it is the Dormitalero House, which gives the street its name. The person who lived here was responsible for turning off all the lights and closing all the doors in the Canonry each night, with the aim of helping the Canons get some rest. Inspired by the same spirit, the Antique Pamplona Tres Reyes Apartments have been created.


For travellers looking to blend right in


Calle Dormitalería, 18

If you are travelling by car, the easiest way to reach our apartments is to leave your vehicle in the car park located on Avenida San Ignacio 2, where you can park in the reserved parking spaces for clients there, called Saba Plaza del Castillo. Cost: €13/night. When you leave the car park via the pedestrian exit, cross the Plaza del Castillo and head into the historical centre via Calle Javier. After 200 metres, turn left down Calle Dormitalería towards the Cathedral. You will shortly see our turquoise-coloured façade, number 18. The building is some 300 metres from the exit of the car park.